Tiger Eye


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Collection: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye: The Stone of Insight and Protection

Geological Facts:

Tiger Eye is a chatoyant gemstone that belongs to the quartz family. It is primarily composed of silicon dioxide and is known for its golden to reddish-brown color and silky luster. The distinctive chatoyancy (cat's-eye effect) of Tiger Eye is caused by parallel inclusions of fibers, often asbestos, which reflect light in a way that resembles the eye of a cat.

Sources: Geological studies on Tiger Eye; "Gemstones of the World" by Walter Schumann.

Metaphysical Insights:

In metaphysical traditions, Tiger Eye is associated with qualities of insight, focus, and protection. It is believed to enhance mental clarity, sharpen perception, and promote a grounded and stable energy. Tiger Eye is often used as a talisman for protection against negative energies and is associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Sources: "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall; Personal insights from metaphysical communities.

Historical Significance:

Throughout history, Tiger Eye has been used for both practical and ornamental purposes. The Ancient Egyptians were known to carve Tiger Eye into amulets, often shaped like the Eye of Ra, to bring protection and good fortune. In various cultures, it has been considered a stone of courage and strength.

Sources: Historical use of Tiger Eye; Symbolism in ancient civilizations.

Fun Facts and Trivia:

  1. Varieties of Tiger Eye: Tiger Eye comes in different varieties, including Golden Tiger Eye (with golden to brownish-yellow colors), Blue Tiger Eye (enhanced with hawk's eye), and Red Tiger Eye (heated to enhance its natural red tones). Each variety may have unique energetic qualities.

  2. Carved and Polished Creations: Tiger Eye is often carved into beads, cabochons, and ornamental carvings. Its chatoyant effect is particularly striking when the stone is shaped into spheres, eggs, or other polished forms.

  3. Astrological Associations: Tiger Eye is associated with the astrological signs of Capricorn and Leo. It is believed to align with the energies of these signs and bring positive influences.

Sources: Varieties of Tiger Eye; Astrological connections.