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Heart Shaped - Opal Jar

Heart Shaped - Opal Jar

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Introducing our enchanting Valentine's Day edition: Heart-Shaped Opal Jars. These exquisite crystal jars house delicate opals, each encapsulating the essence of love and positive energy.

Opals, revered for their mystical beauty, are believed to amplify emotions and strengthen bonds. As the stone of passion and devotion, opals resonate with the heart chakra, fostering deep connections and igniting the flame of love.

Sealed with a charming cork top, these heart-shaped jars make for a meaningful and unique gift. Embrace the metaphysical power of opals and celebrate love in its purest form with our Heart-Shaped Opal Jars – a radiant token of affection that transcends the ordinary.

Note: These are specimen grade Opals and must be kept in water. 

Each Opal is unique, view this collection!

Weight: 4.3g

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